Winter Boat Storage


Winter Boat Storage

At Victory Marine, we offer two types of storage. One is winter storage, which consists of the customer's boat being stored in our bulk secure warehouse space. All boats are stored side by side in our bulk warehouses with security monitors and the only people allowed to access these buildings are our employees. When you are done with your boat in the fall, you can bring it to us to be winterized and stored. Then come spring you will just need to give us a couple days' notice to get it out for you. We can even summerize it for you, so all you need to do is put it in the water and have fun. That's what boating should be, so leave your care to us.

Our winter storage rates are based on the length of your boat. Check around and you will see we have the best rates in town.


Now if you live on a lake and don't own a trailer but live within a 50-mile radius of Fremont, we do have trailers to come and pick up your pontoon for winter service and storage.

We also have a limited number of year-round storage units available. These make it easy for people who like to boat on Victory Lake and don't like to travel their boat back and forth from Lincoln or Omaha, or if someone just needs a little more space at home and does not like to leave their boat sitting out. Some of our rental units are large enough to put a motor home in also.